Imagine living in alignment with your values, connected to the people and land around you, where you can live, work and grow.

Using universal design principles and smart technologies we will demonstrate an affordable, diverse and cooperative neighbourhood model of low-carbon development, with an emphasis on sustainability and community, proposed to be located on sites within the Ecovillage in Cloughjordan. www.thevillage.ie

See our prospectus for the Climate Smart Pocket Neighbourhood here

Community-Led housing

Community Led Housing, evolving across Europe and the wider world, empowers communities to develop solutions addressing their particular housing needs. This approach provides a framework for residents and communities to co-operate in the creation and revitalisation of new and existing neighbourhoods.

“Community Led Housing is an example of bottom-up, active citizenship at its best, with the potential to put the humanistic perspective of housing provision centre stage, with communities and citizens at the heart of neighbourhood development, embracing the idea of homes as a social good.” President Michael D Higgins 

A new report, ‘Roadmapping a Viable Community-Led Housing Sector for Ireland’, produced by SOA Research which involved Cloughjordan CoHousing produced a series of handbooks offering guidance in the areas of policy, finance, land and getting started. For more information see www.soa.ie

Creative placemaking is a process where community members, artists, arts and culture organisations, community developers, and other stakeholders use arts and cultural strategies to implement community-led change, and explore possibilities for participatory, non-speculative, affordable and democratic housing creation in Ireland.  

During 2023 Cloughjordan CoHousing in partnership with Workhouse Union and SOA.ie will design and deliver an Arts Council funded project called Making Neighbourhoods

About us

Cloughjordan Co-Housing is a company limited by guarantee, which incorporates the co-operative principles within its constitution. 

The current board members have between them many years’ experience of working in, advising and managing co-operatives, small businesses, social enterprises, community & voluntary organisations concerned with sustainability, community development, housing, mobility and the development and delivery of sustainable education and training. In addition the Company has advisers with experience of architecture, finance and renewable energy.

Another ‘Housing Ourselves’ will be held in June 2023 as part of our participation in the Neighbourhood Making project, during which we are collaborating with Workhouse Union and SOA.ie.

For more information contact:  info@cloughjordancohousing.coop

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