Our Design & Plans

We have previously worked with the architects Miles Sampson and Colin Mc Donnell of OARAD. Each of them worked closely with us in designing the site to meet the needs of a co-housing project. Shared space, shared facilities, opportunities for social interaction and mutual support and autonomous personal space for privacy are included.
The preliminary set of plans below are for 9 sites in Cloughjordan Ecovillage and comprise of a mix of small living spaces with shared community facilities. It is our intention to test the concept by securing the 5 sites on the left and developing Cloughjordan Co-Housing.
The common house, which will be the first building to go up will include a large kitchen/dining area, a common, multipurpose room and a utility/laundry room. There will also be some bedrooms available for short term use by residents for their guests. Workers at WeCreate, the Green Enterprise Centre, students, visiting lecturers and community farm interns could also avail of them.

Since the original design we’ve been exploring different ways to approach and use the sites.
Here was an iteration of the designs, worked on by 2016 students during Cultivate’s Permaculture Design Course.