About Us: Our Vision, Mission, Aims & Objectives

Our vision is a Co-housing Co-op in
Cloughjordan Ecovillage that is affordable, collectively owned and embraces a way of living that has a low impact on the environment, strengthens our personal and shared resilience and nurtures our own & our community’s wellbeing.

Cloughjordan Co-Housing was born from a need for smaller, more affordable housing with shared facilities in Cloughjordan Ecovillage, an award winning sustainable community in the Irish rural town of Cloughjordan in Tipperary.
We are a small group of people – some of whom have invested in the Ecovillage and for various reasons have not been able to progress, and a number of others who wish to live here but cannot afford to buy a site and build. So together we are exploring cohousing as a communal way to create a housing solution for ourselves and others to live in the Cloughjordan Ecovillage.
We have made progress in looking at how we want to live together, and have had basic design possibilities drawn up for a co-housing neighbourhood. Currently we are open to others interested in joining us in the various stages of developing this project by joining a meeting and getting involved for a trial period to see if this is something you would like to join.

Our Vision, Mission, Aims & Objectives 

We are creating a Co-Housing Community in Cloughjordan Ecovillage that is affordable, low impact, co-operatively owned and embraces values of community and solidarity alongside personal independence and individuality. We celebrate diversity, autonomy, active participation, respectful communication, sharing and caring for each other and the earth.

To create community that meets our social and economic needs.
This is achieved by:
– cultivating collaboration and co-operation of the members/residents by sharing assets and resources including taking responsibility for them
– contributing time and energy to the management of the shared assets as well as building neighbourly relationships through shared activities e.g. twice weekly meals together
– committing to participative governance, respectful communication and conflict resolution

– Provide and maintain affordable housing, secure tenure and autonomy (particularly for those with no capital) by having a legal structure that supports collective ownership, with personal living spaces (apartments and houses) and shared facilities (common house and gardens) which are managed by the residents.

– Contribute to a sustainable future by embracing living in small personal spaces and sharing facilities particularly those that sit idle in our homes. e.g. guest bedrooms, laundry, books, tools, garden space, play area etc.

– Attract more people to the Ecovillage – particularly young adults ( the 20 – 35 age group is missing in our demographic due to lack of affordability and rental options) and contribute to the flourishing of the existing community, our CSA farm the Enterprise Centre and Cloughjordan.

– Provide easy access accommodation for disabled and older people. Our community values inclusivity and diversity.

– Create community – Combat the sense of isolation and alienation that is so common in today’s society by building a community with a shared vision and purpose.

– Use inclusive governance structures and so create a sense of well being, belonging and security for our members.

– Demonstrate and advocate Co-Housing as an alternative and new co-operative approach to housing in Ireland.